No cure, no pay

We almost always operate with a ”no cure, no pay” policy.

You don’t pay us until we reach the goal of the campaign

If we don’t reach the goal, you don’t pay

Working with us is virtually risk free. You only pay for the customers you actually gain from the campaign.

How we work

We only work with social media and use our analyses and knowledge to create growth for your business. We make sure every campaign yields a good return on investment.

No two businesses are alike

We work with a variety of businesses, from e-trade to wellness and dentists to private hospitals etc. We customize each campaigns according to the goal and the type of business.

We tell the story of your business

Whether your goal is to expand people’s knowledge about your business or sell a new product, Facebook is a profitable tool. Balance is the key when you communicate with potential new customers. The message needs to be short, but not too short; specific, but not too long. This is where we come in.

What exactly do we do on social media?

We create the concept, complete with graphics, copy and relevant audience segmentation.

We launch the campaign on Facebook and monitor it in detail from beginning to end.

We deliver the results that we promise.

What are the advantages?

No strings attached

Targeted campaign that yields a good return on investment for your business

You run no financial risk

You deliver the service. We deliver customers who are ready to buy.