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How we operate?

We see things from many perspectives and are passionate about what we do.

We see things from many perspectives and are passionate about what we do.

Business owners have an endless number of advertising options; newspapers, radio, online banners etc.

Traditional advertising isn’t bad.

But many forget to assess, or overestimate, the return on their investment.

When you advertise on social media, you can measure the return on your investment very specifically and almost instantaneously.

It’s cheap to advertise on social media. We segment your target group so specifically that we only spend money on customers who are in the market to buy and who are relevant specifically for your business.

Social media advertising also makes it easy for customers to share your message with others.

Nordic Media takes care of the entire process. We set clear goals that we aim to achieve for our customers.

Here’s how we operate

  • 1

    We start with a thorough analysis

    What’s the goal of the campaign? What’s the best way to achieve this goal? What’s our deadline?

  • 2

    We identify new markets

    What’s our target group? Is it geographically defined? Which media are most effective in attaining our goal? Are gender and income relevant?

  • 3

    We deliver your message

    We perform an analysis, create the graphics, write the copy, segment your audience and launch the campaign.

  • 4

    We attract new customers

    We attract new customers from your local area who are ready to buy.