Facebook English


We understand Facebook — and our customers understand they need a Facebook presence.

What can Facebook do for you?

A Facebook page helps people contact your business. Facebook advertising helps potential customers discover your business.

What can Instagram do for you?

Your business can use videos, photos and ads on Instagram to inspire people. It expands people’s knowledge about your business and inspires them to act.

Audience network

We create your Facebook campaigns through audience network and deliver ads specifically to those people in your area who are relevant for your business.

Your message is customized for mobile — the most important platform today

Your message may consist of video, text, animations, photos etc. Whether the goal is to expand knowledge of your business or service or to sell existing or new products, we create a customized solution for multiple types of mobile entities.

Video — designed to move

When you use video advertising on Facebook, sound, picture and movement are shown directly on your customers’ screens. This function is mostly used for news and brand new products. Balance is the key. We strive to keep the message between 30 and 60 seconds.

We’d love for your business to choose us as a partner, but even if you don’t, we’d like to help you with some tips for your Facebook page


  • Fill in the “About us” section
  • Use a recognizable logo or photo in your profile
  • Write a message on your Facebook cover photo
  • Never post a link without including a message about the product
  • Be active and answer all questions, comments and concerns
  • Be precise and concise in your communication — that goes for videos, too.


  • Post too many updates
  • Post updates at inconvenient times. Try to post them about the same time of day
  • Ignore comments and questions, whether good or bad.